Smart Construction Platform based on Cloud BIM and Image Processing (BIMGLE)

News & Events on 10 Jul , 2018

Funded by ITF and the GRF Grant (PolyU 152093/14E) Title “Proactively Monitoring Construction Progress by Integrating 3D Laser-scanning and BIM

Project ‘Smart Construction Platform based on Cloud BIM and Image Processing  (Construction)’ is successfully finalized on July 9th. The project,  also known as BIMGLE, is directed by Prof. Heng Li and Dr. Huang Ting and funded by ITF. BIMGLE is designed to develop enabling technologies to systematically extract and transform Building Information Modeling (BIM)  objects onto a construction management platform according to construction plans.  Its task decomposition and assignment module enables workers directly to reach BIM information and work instructions. By means of information indexing and retrieval of BIMGLE, worker are provided with convenient and instant access to relevant information relevant to their work. BIMGLE also contains an image processing engine which automatically estimates project schedule according to BIM models and site photos.


With the provision of a progress visualization platform, project stakeholders as well as the public can keep abreast of the project schedule. The technologies will also be used to mitigate project delays and improve the productivity of the industry.

New Technologies that will be developed include:

  • Smart construction platform based on cloud BIM and image processing for work order generation and management:
  • BIM-based work order generation module
  • Work order information extraction module
  • Work progress tracking module





  • 基於BIM雲和圖像處理的智能建造平台,用於工作訂單生成和管理:
  • 基於BIM的工單生成模組
  • 工單訊息提取模組
  • 工作進度追蹤模組

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