Dr. Dongping CAO is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory (CVPL) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He received his B.S. in Construction Engineering and Management from Chongqing University, M.S. and Ph.D. in Construction Engineering and Management from Tongji University, and Ph.D. in Information and Construction Technology from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dongping’s current research focuses on optimizing construction project processes using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other related information technologies, and modeling the institutionalized diffusion of innovations in the project-based construction industry.

E-mail: dongping.cao@connect.polyu.hk

Selected Journal Publications

[1] Cao, D., Li, H., Wang, G., Zhang, W. (2016). Linking the motivations and practices of design organizations to implement building information modeling in construction projects: Empirical study in China. ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering, in press.
[2] Cao, D., Li, H., Wang, G., Huang, T. (2016). Identifying and contextualising the motivations for BIM implementation in construction projects: An empirical study in China. International Journal of Project Management, in press.
[3] Cao, D., Wang, G., Li, H., Skitmore, M., Huang, T., Zhang, W. (2015). Practices and effectiveness of building information modelling in construction projects in China. Automation in Construction, 49, 113-122.
[4] Cao, D., Li, H., Wang, G. (2014). Impacts of isomorphic pressures on BIM adoption in construction projects. ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 140(12), 04014056.
[5] Cao, D., Wang, G. (2014). Contractor-subcontractor relationships with the implementation of emerging interorganizational technologies: Roles of cross-project learning and pre-contractual opportunism. ASC International Journal of Construction Education and Research, 10(4), 268-284.