Dr. LUO Xiaochun, Eric is a senior research fellow and works at the Construction Virtual Prototyping (CVP) lab of Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Prof Heng Li. He earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Master of Computer Application in Civil Engineering and Doctorate in the field of computer-aided construction briefing in 2001, 2006 and 2010, respectively. His current research focuses on proactive construction safety management, occupational safety and health, and workers’ behavior and productivity. His earlier research areas include virtual simulation of construction processes, knowledge system development for construction briefing, and web-based construction project management.

Journal papers

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Conference papers

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  1. Luo, X.C., Li, H., and Ye, B. (2015). Merit Award Winner, Innovation Achiever’s Award, CIOB International Innovation & Research Award, for “Pro-active Construction Management System”, http://iandrawards.ciob.org/node/84.