About Us

Smart Construction Laboratory ( SCLab ) , with its roots in Construction Virtual Prototyping Laboratory  (CVP Lab), was originally founded in 2004. From the first day, our Lab was standing at the frontier edge of  CVP technology and provided industrial services covering Building Information Modeling (BIM), process simulation solutions, and professional training to the construction industry. In 2017, Our lab had its named changed and started to focus on the development and innovative application of digital solution to construction industry. Now we are exploring new technology including Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Robots and so on to improve the efficiency and safety performance in construction field.

Our team consists of 4 Senior Research Fellows, 5 post doctoral researchers, 7 full-time R&D researchers with education background on different fields, and more than 10 BIM engineers and modelers. Until now, the team has completed more than 30 commercial projects and won a lot of awards and prized which are considered as recognition for our work. We are able to dip into various projects with external funding of approximately HK$ 2.5 millions per years (industrial donations, public grants including GRF, ITF, PPR, CIC Funding, NSFC, etc.).